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Sikin Panjang,
Kelling Hall collection,
board 3 number 30

Sikin Panjang Kelling Hall collection board 3 number 30 www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A large broad Sikin Panjang with a large Hulu Peusangan hilt, Kelling Hall collection.

A very fine and clean example of a Sikin Panjang with a large Hulu peusangan hilt.
Overall in the scabbard this example is 76cms long. Out it is 73cms with a blade length just under 57cms. The stem ring shows 9 'petals' and the blade is a heavy well made fighting blade of good proportions.
The large hilt is horn and has a finger recess at the collar.
The scabbard is well inscribed with ink designs and is in complete undamaged condition.
A wonderful large fighting sword with good provenance.