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Ottoman Sabre, 19th century
military sword, rare example

Ottoman Sabre 19th century military sword rare example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare example of a 19th century Ottoman military sword.
This rare varient with iron up turned quillon and down turned knuckle guard remain in overall good condition for its age.
The blade is beautifully proportioned, fine triple fullers to the upper half of the blade and a nice large hollow ground fuller beneath these.
To the forte are sun and moon motifs to opposite sides of the blades with a star above and below each. There are small amounts of light pitting to small areas of one side of the blade There are other geometric designs present but are rubbed with age and cannot be clearly identified, rubbed lines also appear to the spine.
As seen in the images there is a small circular motif found on the quillon/guard. This small motif is non descript but is present in four places, two on each side.
Grip strap is complete but there are issues with the horn hilt being eaten away over time in places around the langet. This damage, most likely insect damage has been repaired with a painted resin/putty of some sort.
A very rare Ottoman sword in good condition for its age that would clean up very well if desired.