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Chinese sword
Massive Kilij style
presentation Dadao

Chinese sword Massive Kilij style presentation Dadao www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A wonderful Dadao of massive proportions.
This lovely old sword measures 111cms long. For a sword of this size, it does play wonderfully in the hand.
The large Kilij style blade shows very well cut fullers, a very pronounced raised yelman, nice distal taper, notches to the spine and a pierced blade housing brass coin motifs.
To the forte is engraved a dragon to one side and four Chinese characters (Bu Bu Gao Sheng) to the other that translated read "Rise Steadily in Career".
The guard is hammer beaten brass/bronze, the hilt is wooden slabs covered in stitched fabric and the pommel is of unusual form being that of a double gourd.
Both the Ring pommel and the cross guard show gilding that has in places a green patina to it.
This sword has considerable age to it and pitting is present to its surfaces but this in no way effects the integrity of the blade, it remains a good solid, rigid fighting blade. The hilt slabs have movement, the guard shows a repair and the character to each side are worn but visable. Despite these points this is a massive and unique example of a military presentation sword from the mid to late 19th century is a nice example of a rare Chinese presentation sword and the first such example of the era that I have ever seen or heard of.
From my personal collection.