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Kindjal, massive Caucasian/Russian short sword/knife

Kindjal massive Caucasian Russian short sword knife www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A massive Kindjal.
A nice old kindjal that seems to be outside the normal sizes of Kindjal being 61 cms long with a 47cm blade.
This short sword is more the size of a Persian Quaddara than a Kindjal but fits the "type" as seen in Stones Glossary, figure 450.
The large broad blade shows the typical offset fullering found on these pieces and exhibits a very long needle tip that is full in profile.
Overall a darkened and grey patina with some "bleaching" to the dark horn hilt slabs that remain in perfect condition.
A nice unusual Kindjal that would polish up very well should the new owner choose to do so.