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Yanyuedao blade,
guard, collar and short shaft,
Boxer rebellion era
Chinese polearm

Yanyuedao blade guard collar and short shaft Boxer rebellion era Chinese polearm www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A nice 19th century Yanyuedao, Chinese polearm head, complete with guard, collar and a thick section of ogininal hand shaped shaft.
Of forged steel construction, this blade measures 47cms long with the piece being 70cms overall. there is nice distal taper from the guard to both tips. The upsweeping tip retains a needle point as does the raised dorsal fin to the top of the blade.
Still retaining a sharp edge, the cutting edge has a small 5mmx10mm chip, most likely from use during the boxer rebellion period where examples like this were noted as being seen in the hands of local militia and that of the boxers.
A wonderful piece of Chinese martial history that would be an easy restore for anyone who wanted to mount this blade, guard and collar to a newer pole.
It is of a polearm type seldom seen.