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Bhutan long sword and scabbard,
Beautiful hairpin laminated blade

Bhutan long sword and scabbard Beautiful hairpin laminated blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare Bhutan long sword and scabbard.
A nice and seldom seen Bhutan sword. Overall 82cms in the scabbard, just over 80cms out with a wonderful blade just under 66cms. The blade shows very nice and clear hairpin laminations, remains sharp with well shaped hatchet tip.
The scabbard it in white metal braized to the rear along the seam. Original old leather loop remains with the scabbard.
The pommel is a little loose but secure, the steel wrapping to the hilt has lost a weave near the pommel and shows a solder repair there too. The fluted timber showing beneath this area of the hilt show a lovely old patina and is undamaged.
A very nice and rare sword.