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Ram Dao, Nepal, Sacrificial sword

Ram Dao Nepal Sacrificial sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice and rare sacrificial Ram Dao from Nepal.
Over measuring 80cms and weighing just under 2kgs, this is a massive piece to hold.
The hand carved hilt is 19cms and the blade from the rear of the "bolster" is 61cms.
The hilt shows wonderful age wear from much handling and the timber is supported at each end with brass ends. The pommel tip is iron that is shaped and domed with a 10mm peak where the tang is peened over.
The blade follows the the shape of the hilt being of a projectile shape 25mm in diameter. This projectile shape enters the main body of the broad thick blade. The spine measures approx 8mm with a nice distal taper through to the tip and the cutting edge, it is also inlayed with 33 brass lines every 10mm.
At the widest point the blade is 8cm. The left side of the blade shows floral and geometric lines along the top edge for 38cms, they then end in a stylised Makara head. These decorations are also inlayed with brass lines.
The right side of the blade shares these same decorations with the addition of the Trisula marking to the forte and a lotus flower to the middle.
Both sides also carry and very nice eye decoration with clear eye lashes and eye brows. The eyes are inlayed brass that are raised above the blades surface. Both the pupil and the eye brow are filled with an old black resin.
An example of this weapon can be found with the pages or the "The Gods of War" by Donald J LaRocca, being the example held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
A large and rare Ram Dao.