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Dha, 19th centruy, silver dress
very large fighting sword
Shan states, Burma

Dha very large fighting sword of the Shan tribes www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A seldom seen long fighting sword in silver dress, Shan states Burma.
This example is 98cms long in the scabbard, 91cms out with a blade of 56.5cms and a hilt of 34.5cms. The spine is 10mm thich at the base and shows great distal taper to the tip and cutting edge.
The blade shows some pitting and stains, no doubt a testament to its active life in the 19th century and these would clean up with a polish. The blade shows a very clear hardened inserted cutting edge and remains dangerously sharp.
The long hilt is of silver wrapped bamboo with the bamboo showing a very nice handling age patina. The lotus bud pommel remains in healthy condition.
The scabbard is also wrapped in good quality silver sheet and decorations with minor losses
Overall a very nice example of a seldom seen fighting sword in good condition for its age and hard life it would have seen.