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Dha, an unusual high quality
sword from the Yunnan Laos border

Dha, an unusual high quality sword from the Yunnan Laos border www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A beautiful Dha from Yunnan, being the Yunnan / Laos border regions.
An outstanding example of very high quality and remaining is outstanding condition.
Overall in the scabbard this sword measures just over 83cms. Out it is just under 81cms with a beautiful and unusually decorated blade that is just under 51cms.
The overall condition of this example is excellent, the hilt retains all its original bindings and is free from losses or damage. The large pommel is in perfect condition.
The scabbard also remains in great condition with only minor bruising to parts of the silverwork. There are flower motifs to the scabbard edges and base. The very bottom facet of the scabbard displays a very clear ?Chinese? character, most likely a makers/family name.
The blade is of type for the region but unlike others, this displays four short offset fullers to each side and hundres of cresents to both sides. the tip is sharpened to both sides and remains full in profile.
Yunnan craftsmen have long history of making outstanding quality arms for many hundreds of years and this outstanding and unique example of a seldom seen Dha is testament to this.