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Rare Masonic lodge sword, named 32nd degree sword

Rare Masonic lodge sword named 32nd degree sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice Free Mason sword from the late 19th centruy.

This rare old sword remains in excellent condition thoughout with just a small loss to the scabbard tip, one minor depression to the scabbard where the name is and the leather spacer to the blade is no longer present..
32nd degree swords are seldom found in any condition.
This one measure 99cms in the steel scabbard, 96cms out with a 79cm blade that shows the retailers name in the forte, being;
"J H Wilson Phil Pa.".
Between the double suspension rings to the rear is the original owners name, 32nd and the degree symbol.
The blade is in near mint condition with no rust or blemishes and still shows the origina bright shine.