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Bali Lombok Keris
Very rare Chengkrong or Ligan

Bali Lombok Keris Ultra rare Chengkrong or Ligan www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare Keris of wonderful proportions.

Overall in the sheath this example measures 63cms, out it is just under 60cms with an outstanding blade being just under 49cms.
The scabbard is in good original condition free from damages or losses.
The hilt is a darker wood showing a nice age patina and it shows a clear dark band through the entire middle of the hilt, this line also appears to be through the base of the hilt.
The blade is stunning. It is 75mm across the base and is 15mm thick at the central point. The spine area displays a 'fuller' of 24cms that gives this piece an appearance of haveing a 'pipe back'. From the point where the fuller ends the blades upper edge drops towards the point. The blade slightly swells to a small belly being 26mm at the narrowest point in the waist to 29mm at the point where the 'fuller' ends.
This piece exhibits stunning subtle pamor pattern work to all surfaces as seen in the photos. As it remains in original untouched conditions, it will if so chosen by the new owner, reveal stunning high contrast patterns if cleaned and etched in the traditional manner.

A very rare Chengkrong or Ligan example of Keris that I have only ever seen two of in the market place, this being the second and by far the more outstanding example.