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Chinese sword pair
Shuang Jian

Chinese sword pair Shuang Jian www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A nice pair of Chinese Jian in original scabbard.

This pair, based on litrature on the subject of twin swords is most likely an example from the 1860-1870.
Overall in the scabbard they are 69cms.
Out they are 56cms with a 41cm blade.
The blade are of a very nice construction having a raised medial ridge to one side and a near flat, though slghtly curved surface to the other. Clear distal taper can be seen on all facets.
The seven star inlayed decoration is also seen on these blades with an interesting artistic display of adding three "bursts" from each star.
The Jian and scabbard remain in original untouched condition. The horn hilts and all brass fittings show a lovely darkened patina and remain in heathly undamaged condition. Each hilt is pierced for a tassle and the hole is decorated with an eight leaf rosette.
The ray skin covered scabbard has small losses to one edge, otherwise free from damage.