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African sword of high standing
Mandinka tribes

African sword of high standing Mandinka tribes www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice 19th centruy high status sword from the Mandinka communities.

This wonderful old dress sword is from French Guinea regions of Western Africa.
Overall this sword measures 90cms in the scabbard and 86cms out with a blade of 66cms that appears to be an early French trade blade.
The hilt is of stitched and dyed leather that is showing a very warm patina. The pommel is that hexagonal bronze shaft with a Pyramid to the end. The Pyramid shows incised and geometric designs to its surfaces.
The scabbard shows the wonderful variety, colour, and skillfully woven and tooled leather work these regions are famous for.

With some losses and damages to the leather work, this sword and scabbard are still a very fine and seldom seen example of this type of sword being of genuine antiquity and representing the styles and qualities of workmanship of the region.