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Chinese sword, dao and scabbard, mid to late 19th century

Chinese sword dao and scabbard, mid to late 19th century www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice and complete Chinese dao.
This variation of Dao is 60cms in the scabbard, just under 60cms out and has a broad blade that is 48cms.
The blade shows evidence of pattern welding and remains in heathy condition.
The bronze knuckle guard and quillon have darkened in places with age and retain an old dark paint to most surfaces, most likely applied to have this concealable sword less obvious to casual eyes.
The timber handle remains in very fine condtion. The borders are that of key designs with floral motifs to the middle.
The original pig skin scabbard also remains in very good condition with only a small loss to the tip that is consistant with age. The throat of the scabbard show that of two lucky coin motifs.
Over all a very large complete fighting sword being the single varient of the Hudiedao style swords.