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Navaja, Toledo, all steel

Navaja, Toledo, all steel www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice all steel Toledo Navaja
A seldom seen, slender all steel Navaja that measures just over 40cms open and 21cms closed.
A very finely detailed blade and handle showing the medieval scrolls and faces in the steel that Toledo is famous for.
The blade retains a very good edge and a strong clipped point.
The handle how a motto each side, the first saying "NO ME SAQUES SINRAZON NI ME GUARDES SIN HONOR", the other saying "NUNEA SUFRIRE MELLA AL?UNA PUES TOLEDO FUE MI CUNA". Loosely translated "Do not draw me with out reason nor store me without honour" and Never a dent shall I suffer as Toledo is my cradle".
A very attractive and very hard to find Spanish Navaja.