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Moro Kris,
late 19th century Sulu Kris,
Unusual straight gangya

Moro Kris late 19th century Sulu Kris Unusual straight gangya www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice near complete Sulu Kris with an unusual Gangya.
This nice Kris measures just under 65cms in the scabbard, 61cms out with a blade just under 48cms.
The blade retains a razors edge, shows a clear differential core and beautiful laminations to the inner and outer steel, these laminations follow the waves of the blade through to the tip. The most unusual feature is the straight gangya that is typically found on very old blades.
Pitting is found to the outer core only near the tip and parts of the outer edges, most likely from long storage near the the salt air and sea water after this blade was retired from an active life.
The hilt has a small loss to one corner of the cockatoo crest but remains in very good condition. It has a very nice decorated silver ferrule and the strap that holds the asang-asang in place appears to be a copper/bronze alloy that shows a beautiful green patina. The hilt bindings were most likely stacked cord/twine wrap and are no longer present.
The scabbard is a very fine example with beautiful timber grains and remains in outstanding condition.
Overall, a nice example with some unusual features.