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Chinese sword,
Nationalist army,
Ring Pommel Dadao with
original scabbard

Chinese sword Nationalist army Ring Pommel Dadao with original scabbard www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice Dadao or Ring Dao used by Chinese Nationalist soldiers in the early 20th century
Except for the loss to part of the S-guard, this sword remains excellent condition through out considering the hard lives these old swords had.
Out of the sheath this piece measures 77cms from tip to tip, the broad curving blade is just under 52cms long, 5cms wide at the forte and over 7cms wide at the tip.
Complete with original back scabbard that remains in outstanding condition. All hilt binding also remains in outstanding condition with the red ring and dark blue to the hilt.
Another rare facet to this piece is an original old two tone cloth panel or flag attached to the hilt to be used as a tassle, perhaps military unit colours.

A rare find.