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Important Bowie knife,
Sioux Indian trade knife,
early 19th centruy

Important Bowie knife Sioux Indian trade knife early 19th centruy www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A stunning old Bowie trade knife.
Although not conclusive, most likely Sioux Indian.
The blade is that of a Bowie type blade of mid 19th century manufacture and a trade type item of America's then wild frontiers.
The 'X's are consistant with the kind of 'touch marks' placed on blades and axe heads by American smiths during this period.
The blade carries an integral bolster. Above the 'touch marks' on the spine there are filed decorations as typically seen on Spanish knives/Navaja.
The antler handle is very comfortable in the hand and is secured to the blade by means of a bronze collar and a single iron 'rivet'.
The bronze collar also shows 'X's around the collar and the collar has leeched a beautiful green patina to the antler at this point. At the join, the antler shows a lovely, almost luminous patina from finger rubbing over a very long period.
Page 55 of "Native American Fighting Weapons" by Colin F. Taylor shows there was one of these knives with a regular type blade rather than the more prounounced Bowie of this one and it is noted that it was attributed to a very important Hunkpapa Sioux medicine man named Thatha Ka Iyotake meaning Supreme Bull or as we know him, Sitting Bull.
Just over 31cms in length with a blade over 15cms long not including the bolster.

A very unusual and rare piece of Americana that has survived in very good order when one considers the rough lives these old knives have seen.