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War club, very early 19th century Fijian Ula

War club very early 19th century Fijian Ula www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A release from my personal collection

A beautiful and rare early Fijian Ula war club.

Of wonderful large proportions, this fine example is 40cms long with a large tri-lobed bulbous head approx 11cms across.
The base of the shaft is hollowed. This then leads to segment of incised tribal 'tattoos' or geometrical designs, these are seen on the lower 12cms on the shaft.
The shaft flares to 7cms below the carved head. The carved head is of 28 large segments with smaller carved segments found between these above and below the larger ones. Atop of these carved segments sits a large dome od approx 5cms wide and 2cms tall. The weight of this head allows for the piece to stand almost like a spinning top.
There is one age crack found to one side of the clubs bulbous head as seen in the images.
This example shares similar colouring, age and patina to those pieces found in the Oldman, Hooper & Beasley collections.

A stunning very early 19th century, possiblely late 18th century Fijian fighting Ula.