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Cutlery hilted Bowie knife,
with original tooled sheath

Cutlery hilted Bowie knife with original tooled sheath www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice Cutlery hilted Bowie knife with original tooled leather sheath.
Overall this fine example measures just over 29cms in the sheath, 29cms out with a 17cm blade.
The blade shows one slight edge nick and small areas of dark staining and a fine distinct clip point.
The fine nickel silver cutlery hilt remains in very good condition for its age with a few minor bumps to the edges, a depression to one side of the pommel and a part depression to the other. The oval cross guard is also of nickel silver.
The sheath is very finely tooled with nickel silver fittings to the ends.
Overall a very attractive cutlery hilted bowie knife, complete with original sheath and in good condition.