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Unique Chinese sword
8-ring Dao
Bagua engravings
A remarkable martial sword
Provenanced Peking sword

Unique Chinese sword 8-ring Dao Bagua engravings A remarkable martial sword Provenanced Peking sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare opportunity to purchase a unique martial sword with an important provenance, personal collection.

A remarkable and very rare, likely unique Martial sword, China circa 1900 or earlier with provenance.

This Chinese Dao was captured during the Boxer uprising, circa 1900, by Brigadier General G.H.Turner. It was later Donated by his daughters, the Turner sisters, and if I recall correctly a Yacht club in Victoria and later sold as public display laws changed.
The sword is a thick and heavy bladed sabre with a profile that resembles early German and European Falchions, in particular, the 15th century example seen in "Stones Glossary", page 224.
The 57cms blade is near 5cms tall at the forte and 1cms thick. It widens to 10cms just forward of the eight brass rings seen on the spine.
Each side has twin upswept fullers just below the eight rings sitting in the pierced spine. Below these fullers are two dragons chasing a flaming pearl. To the forte of each side are the Bagua or trigram symbols, both this and the dragons being very potent symbols.
The sword is noted to be an executioners sword which is often just a western misconception associated with Dao and Dadao swords but often Dadao types of swords were used in this manner as historical photos portray. The provenance and presence of heavy corrosion to the tip may indicate this was used as an execution sword as un-cleaned blood or blood rust is known to have this effect and many swords of many types were used for execution as was witnessed and photographed by Western forces in China and surrounding countries.
The hilt is of typical styling seen on sabres of the late 19th century. It has a large bulbous brass pommel and collar and a decorative Tsuba like guard with simulated bamboo edges and decorative floral motifs to the grip side. The grip is bound in mulberry paper and original cloth bindings.

A remarkable sword of very rare and unusual form.

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