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Bali Keris
very fine unusual blade

Bali Keris very fine unusual blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A seldom seen Bali Keris blade type in very fine condition.

Sheathed this Keris is just under 51cms long. Out it is just under 40cms with a 29cm blade.
The hilt is a very fine dark timber hilt showing good age patina. The base of the hilt is brass, supported by a later simple horn spacer.
The blade is a very fine 13 luk type of demure proportions compared to the more common Bali Keris blades. The blade surfaces show a well controlled high contrast pamor.
The sheath is simple and well carved showing good grain structures and a single rattan binding midway down.

A very fine and seldom seen Bali Keris type.