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Massive 3lb Talwar
Wootz blade, sharp and heavy

Massive 3lb Talwar Wootz blade, sharp and heavy www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A massive Indian Tulwar/Talwar with a wootz blade.
This seldom seen size Tulwar measure from tip to tip at just under 96cms. The blade is just over 82cms and it weighs approc 1.35kgs.
The hilt is huge, a large mans hand fits within the guard very comfortablly. It has an all over dark patina and retains a lot of its gold floral Koftgari motifs.
The blade is a scarf welded wootz contruction, it has a very nice curve and a sharp bevelled cutting edge free from nicks. The back edge at the tip is sharpened for approx 20cms.
A simply powerful and attractive sword of very seldom seen proportions.
A great fighting sword that could only have belonged to a large and powerful man.

From my personal collection.