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Indian sword, 18th century Firanghi,
original scabbard

Indian sword 18th century Firanghi original scabbard www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A nice 18th century Indian fighting sword.
This Indian sword known as a Firanghi or 'Foreinger' due to the long straight European blade mounted in a Khanda style hilt. The sword has an overall length of 120cms and a blade length of 95cms.
The large forged ‘Khanda’ style hilt with pommel spike remains in good condition despite a small loss to one edge of the pommel. The long pommel spike allows the use of this sword type to be used as a two handed sword whilst it is also light and balanced enough for one handed use.
The hilt grip is bound in original firbe cord (very seldom seen) that shows traces of wear and also an original resin coating.
The triple fullered blade does not carry any guild marks that are typical of European trade blades. The blade does show clear laminations of a differential steel construction.
This sword comes with portions of its original pink velvet covered wood scabbard, crackes and losses to the timber and velvet.
Overall a good condition 18th century fighting sword, minor losses.