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Bali Keris,
fine original untouched example

Bali Keris fine original untouched example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A beautiful 19th century Bali Keris.
Overall this lovely example measures just under 64cms long in the scabbard, just over 61cms out with a wonderful pamor blade of 47cms.
All of the timber exhibits a deep dark chocolate colouring with deep age patina.
The hilt is large and very well carved as is the scabbard that shows great detail to the throat.
The attached metal work to the scabbard remains untarnished to all but two smaller panels with no evidence of cleaning so it is quite possible that it has a low quality gold content.
The blade shows a well controlled pattern and still retains a very old stain. It has two deep fullers to the base with two subtle outer ones stopping short of the tip by approx 50mm.
The tang shows a clear twist to the tip being an important point.
Overall a large and beautiful and important old Keris from the 19th century.