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Naga tribes knife/sword
original woven basket
and textile strap

Naga tribes knife sword original woven basket and textile strap www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare and complete Dao of the Kukis people.
From the Assam regions this very nice and complete example displays the wonderful unusual style of Dao blades found within the Kuki tribes.
A similar Dao is drawn in P. Rawson's, The Indian Sword, chapter 4.
The blade is forward curving with typical 'spikes' to the spine and tip of the blade. The blase of the blade is thick and of a 'hexagonal' shape and is mounted is cast brass hilt. The base of the hilt is hollow from which a red hair tuft on hair protrudes.
Complete with a very rare wicker/rattan sheath that carries a horn base and native textile suspension strap.
A very rare artifact in very good condition.