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Pichangeti, Coorg knife and sheath, very fine example

Pichangeti Coorg knife and sheath, very fine example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A stunning and rare Pichangeti and sheath from the Coorg tribes of India.
The fine example comes complete with its original silver covered sheath and a thick solid heavy silver suspension chain.
Over all this knife is 31cms in the sheath and 28cms out.
The sheath is covered in thick decorative silver and remains in very good condition.
The knife carries a thick broad heavy single edged blade that is just under 17cms from the edge of the bolster to the tip. The integral bolster is also iron and the spine is 'X' marked at this point.
The heavy blade decoratively stamped along the top edge, shows a broad dropping tip akin to various Ram Dao blades and is also carries a curved clipped point.
The exposed full tang is decorated top and bottom with silver inlay and is surrounded by a heavy decorative silver hilt. There are three plain and one large decorative rosettes to each side and a single decorative rosette where the tang is peened. A single decorative flower motif is found to the top end of the decorated silver handle.
Overall a very fine example in very good condition. A very attractive jewelry quality knife from the Coorg tribes of India.