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Very good complete
steel hilted Kukri and sheath

Very good complete steel hilted Kukri and sheath www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice complete all steel hilted Kukri.
Overall in the sheath , this nice example measures approx 43cms in the sheath, approx 42cms out with a blade just under 33cms.
The hilt is all steel with an integral bolster.
The blade is of good forged construction with nice fullers below the spine and a good hollow ground surface. The cutting edge is sharp with a couple of minor blemishes towards the tip.
The scabbard remains in very heathy conditon, free of splits or tears and also carries a later field addition below the original strap that is removable.
Complete with both knives, this is a very nice example of a seldom seen steel hilted Kukri.
WWI period or earlier.