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War club, Fijian Ula
Very fine and rare type

War club Fijian Ula Very fine and rare type www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A release from my personal collection.

A rare very early Fijian Ula war club.
This fine example is 43cms long with a large bulbous head approx 10cms across at the widest point.
The base of the shaft is hollowed to the tip and the lower 14cms on the shaft displays very worn incised tavatava.
The shaft is 25mm thick at the base and 50mm just below the carved lightly carved head that has relied on the natural form of the root ball for its shape. There are a number of small natural fissures found to clubs head as seen in the images.

A stunning early Fijian fighting Ula of beautiful naturalistic form.