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Persian dagger
high contrast wootz blade
Walrus ivory hilt
Very nice

Persian dagger high contrast wootz blade Very nice www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


Persian dagger, Khanjar, with a dark, high contrast wootz blade.
A very nice Persian Khanjar from the very early part of the 19th centruy.
Overall in the scabbard, this piece measures 43cms, out it is 39cms with a 26cm blade.
The hilt is a large single piece of Walrus ivory with a smooth glossy patina being like a slab of marble.
The scabbard is bound with green cloth tape of varying widths now painted gold. The throat is bound with a gold paper type tape and the finial is ivory.
The blade is a dark high contrast wootz manufacture with the forte chiseled showing a tiger attacking a deer, there is a raised medial ridge and thickened piercing tip. The entire surface shows good clear wootz patterns.
A nice complete Persian dagger with a stunning blade being the same blade as seen in the V&A Museum, item number 574&A-1876