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Baluchistan buckler
very nice example

Shield Baluchistan buckler very nice example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice and complete Buckler from Baluchistan
This fine piece remains in extremely good condition. It is just over 28cms across and stands about 6cms tall when on a flat surface.
The main body is of very thick hide, most likely Rhino or Elephant. There is a thick iron ring to the outside edge and the entire surface is decorated in very good quality decorated brass hardware. The brass is all in outstanding damage free condition except for one minor depression to one of the four central bosses.
One special point about this piece is the original knuckle pad is intact and retains nearly all of its stitched designs.
The stitched designs appear to be that of a flower on a red fabric background with green leather borders. Rings and hand straps are present with stitching on one hand strap now undone.
A very fine example of a hard to find buckler.