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Arabian Saif, Yemen
A stunning antique sword
Very rare/unique form
full silver dress

Arabian Saif Yemen A stunning antique sword Very rare unique form full silver dress www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine Arabian Saif of unusual form being from Yemen.

This Arabian sword measure approx 94cms overall in the scabbard, approx 90cms out with a blade of 76cms.
The blade has three fullers, two narrow fullers closest to the spine and a broader fuller to the middle of the blade. All fullers terminate at approx 20cms from the hatchet style tip. The spine also narrows at this point to a false back edge. The blade remains in good condition and original polish though there are a few light stainings to the tip region and some very light piting in this region too.
Where the blade meets the langet and hilt, portions of the original resin securing the hilt has been excavated, for what purpose it is unknown and the blade suffers some light scratching at this point that would polish out easily.
The unusual hilt profile resembles that several early Kilic / Kilij and it and the langet are a single piece construction.
Once most likely a fine silver chain was suspended between the pommel and quillon, now an old tassel of fine material hangs from the quillon. Perhaps the chain was offered in exchange for the period scabbard repair noted below.
The hilt also displays unusual/unique motifs as seen in the images.
The scabbard is a full silver construction of very good quality over a dark scented timber inner.
The scabbard shows a few minor bumps and bruises but overall remains in very good condition.
To the middle of the scabbard is a old worn velvet padding showing considerable rubbing, most likely placed there to offer comfort against the sword rubbing on the thigh when walking or in the saddle.
Above this point there is a period repair in the same decorative manner as the sword. The repair has been placed at this join to offer support to broken timbers within, obviously a much cheaper and more practical running repair than trying to carve and re-fit internal timbers.
The join is stable and secure and has served its purpose very well this last 100+ years.
A single matching tassel hangs from a suspension point and a large silver ring from the other, again the original second ring was perhaps materials traded for the noted repair or removed to the personal taste of the owner.
Despite carrying a period repair this is a very fine and rare example of the seldom seen Arabian Saif in full silver dress.

A notable addition to any Arabian collection.