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Akar Bahar hilted Rencong

Akar Bahar hilted Rencong www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


Rencong. A beautiful rare hilt type from Sumatra.
This nice example measures just under 40cms sheathed, 34cms out with a blade of 25cms including the ring stem.
The blade is slender with a downward curve, it is approx 8mm thick in front of the stem ring and is approx 15mm at the hilt.
This Rencong hilt is made from Akar Bahar (black coral) and is of the Hulu Meucangge style. The coral shows beautiful natural fire reds throughout. There is one fine age opening where the hilt meets the blade, though when taken in context with the swirls of the coral it is lost in the patterns.
The scabbard throat remains full and intact and shows nice old carved decorations. The scabbard shows small ink decoration to three places on each side and has two silver support bands to the body.
A very rare and fine example of an old Akar Bahar hilted Rencong.