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Scottish dirk & Sgian Dubh

Scottish dirk & Sgian Dubh www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A beautiful pair of Scotish knives.
This Scottish dirk & Sgian Dubh are both in very nice old rustice dress being brown leather sheaths and antler handles.
The Sgian Dubh measures just over 20cms in the sheath, just under 19cms out with a 9cm blade. It carries a nice old cleaned forged blade, an iron guard and collar, a very nice antler hilt and is finished with an uncleaned iron end cap.
The single edged dirk or dagger is a hefty 47cms in the sheath, 46cms out with a good sturdy blade just under 31cms. The blade is single edged with a 12cm false edge. The spine is finsihed in file decoration.
The guard is iron, the collar silver. The hilt shows very nice deep warm patina and is finished with a large silver end cap with and a Victorian style monogram.
A very nice and rare pair of Scottish knives