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Navaja, a fine rare example

Navaja a fine rare example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice Navaja of good proportions.
This fine example is of a form now seldom seen. It measures 53cms open, just under 30cms closed and has a blade just under 24cms long.
The grip is decorative brass over timber with a turned brass end. The iron back spring is very strong and remains tight.
The blade has a 13 tooth ratchet pivot point, There is decorations to both sides with one side showing a cartouche with three fullers and script that appears to read "Soy Defensa de mi dueno". The point is full with the back edged at this point filed. The fullers and part of the filed back edge retian original red colouring.
A very attractive Navaja in a good length.