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Chinese fighting swords
Guardless Hudiedao

Chinese fighting swords Guardless Hudiedao www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


From my personal collection.

A nice large set of seldom seen guardless Hudiedao.
Measuring 49cms long with blades 65mm wide, these Chinese fighting knives play very well in the hand.
The hilts are constructed with carved timber grips with key relief borders, brass collars either end with thick copper bronze faceted guards and large faceted pommels.
The blades show nice pattern welded surfaces, remain sharp with full points. An intesting aspect about these guardless varieties is whilst they are excellent swords, they can in an instant be reversed in the hand and used in the manner of iron rods with the back edge to subdue an opponent without leathal cuts.

A nice seldom seen pair of fighting sword/knives.