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Dui Chirra Kukri / Khukuri
Military circa WWII

Dui Chirra Kukri Khukuri Military circa WWII www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A nice Chirra bladed Kukri of the World War II period.
Overall this Kukri is 44cms in the sheath, 43cms out with a very nice fullers blade of approx 32cms.
The hilt is Rosewood with brass bands, iron rivets with brass surrounds and a brass butt cap with a diamond keeper where the full partial tang is peened.
The bolster is iron and the very nice Dui Chirra blade (double fullered) remains in very good condition.
The sheath remains in heathly condition with tooling to the front. The the rear retains the storage points for the Karda and Chakmak that also remain with the Kukri.
A nice fine military Kukri with a Dui Chirra blade.