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Classic Ottoman sword
Early Kilij / Kilic
fully original & complete
untouched example
full Ribbon Core blade

Classic Ottoman sword Early Kilij Kilic fully original & complete<br>untouched example full Ribbon Core blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A beautiful untouched Ottoman Kilij or Kilic.
This classic Ottoman sword measures just under 88cms in a straight line from tip to tip within the scabbard. Out it measures 85cms with a blade 70.5cms long and approx 4cms wide.
The hilt is horn with a number of minor losses as seen in the images.
The horn slabs are secured with a single rivet and a tubular rivet at the pommel. The quillons measure 17cms across and are decorated to the edges.
The scabbard retains the original decorated scabbard fittings that are free from any major defects. The original suspension loops are also retained although bent. Seldom seen is the original tooled central leather insert that remains in solid healthy condition to the front, the rear however shows minor loss with a worm holes.
The blade is of classic shape, it is broad with a T-spine that dips in the middle 15cms from the guard and sweeps up nearer the tip to form the raised Yelamn these swords are so famous for.
There is silver Koftgari at the forte to both sides, again 12cms from the guard on the right side of the blade being the seal of Solomon with script within and also at the point where the Yelamn starts.
A good complete untouched example of a hard to find Classic Ottoman Kilij.