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Wootz Karud and sheath
Ceramic hilt
Central Asian / Mughal dagger

Wootz Karud and sheath Ceramic hilt Central Asian dagger www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine Wootz steel Central Asian Karud with sheath.
Overall in the sheath this Karud measures 41cms. Out it is just under 37cms with a blade of 25cms from the bolster to the tip.
The sheath faded velvet over timber.
The blade is of a fine Wootz steel construction with a 'T' spine. It retains a very sharp edge and a full needle point. The bolsters are steel but show no pattern steel.
The grip slabs are a ceramic one piece construction of a stone like material that shows to be mixed with shell and or crushed Lapus lazuli. The ceramic mix appears to have been formed on the tang and under the bolster, shaped and then kiln fired to obtain this very unusual style hilt.
A very nice and rare example of a Karud possiblely made for or in Mughal India.