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Georgian sabre
Persian style sword
mid 19th century

Georgian sabre Persian style sword mid 19th century www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


From my personal collection.

A very rare sword of the Caucasian regions of Georgia in Persian style.

This Georgian sabre is Georgian made in Persian styling, typicall referred to as a 'Khmali' sword but is also seen in the hands of several Khevsurian warriors in historical images.
It is 95cms long in the scabbard, 90cms out with a blade length of 78cms.
The hilt is constructed of a bone grip slab to one side and a dark horn slab to the other and both appear original to the sword, perhaps a symbol of day and night. The grip slabs have a simple brass grip strap between, a rounded pommel and cruciform crossguard.
The scabbard retains all original fittings and these are all decorated in the same manner as the hilt fittings, being bronze inlayed iron with decorative applied bronze Lion motifs to the guard, suspension and drag. The reverse of the fittings show a circle intersected with a cross.
The blade is stamped with clear armours marks to both sides, being very similar to those noted by Patrick C Donnelly that points to this sword being from Tiflis circa 1850-60. The fullers are of the same widths each side but the right side is approx 50mm longer with both pairs terminating at the armour stamps.
The blade is of very good quality with a clear bell ring when drawn from the scabbard or struck and the balde surfaces exhibit a wonderful and unusal surface texture.

A very rare complete sword in original untouched condition. Original polish of a very unusual manufactured blade surface/pattern welding.