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Chinese swords
Thick blades narrow profile

Chinese swords Long narrow Hudiedao www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very good long pair of Hudiedao in need of just a little TLC.
These wonderful old fighting swords each measure just under 61cms long with blades 49cms long and 14mm thick at the base.
The hilts are well carved rose wood showing floral centres and key releif borders. The ends are bound with brass collars. The fine strong brass guard with narrow extended quillons offer good maneuverability and thumb control when used.
The thick blades require a light polish to remove the brown patina and remains of what appears to be silver paint. If polished, these will no doubt as all other pairs I have owned, display very good pattern welded surfaces, only adding the their already attractive form.
A very good pair that would grade up easily.