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A very fine Keris
Rare blade type
Bugis Keris

A very fine Keris Rare blade type Bugis Keris www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine and complete Bugis Keris.

Overall in the sheath this Keris is 48cms long. Out it is just under 45cms with a very fine quality blade 37cms long.
The timber hilt is in Jawa Demam style and has a beautiful warm old patina.
The sheath also retains a very nice warm even patina with the upper segment being broad and tall. The bindings to the sheath remain in perfect but faded conditon and the bone tip is free from loss or damage and also carries a warm old patina.
The Keris blade has been darkened where it has sat proud of the sheath but remains in perfect untouched condition as does the rest of the blade that displays wonderful surface patterning.

A very fine a complete Keris in original as found untouched condition.