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Kora, very nice fighting sword
Nepalese regions

Kora very nice fighting sword Nepalese regions uncleaned www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


Kora, Nepal, a fine uncleaned example.
This example measures approx 67cms in a straight line and carries a 52cms blade.
The hilt retains its original layered and stitched felt grip, has large disc guards top and bottom and a broad stupa pommel. The upper disc is slightly bent but easlity straightened.
The blade is a fine quality blade in as found uncleaned condition. The spine is a thick 'T' spine type that protrudes slightly from the tip. It has a simple circle within a circle mark to both sides of the blade and there is evidence of a fine pattern welded blade beneath that was captured in one of the images below.
A good fine Kora that will grade up with little effort.