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Persian Shamshir
Good wootz blade

Wootz bladed Persian Shamshir www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A Persian Shamshir with a very nice Wootz blade.
Overall 92cms long with a blade of 79cms.
The blade is a very nice patterned Wootz blade. The clear patterns are well controlled for the entire length of the blade and a very clear hardened edge is visible that is approx half the width of the blade and can be seen from the tip through to the forte. Small areas of very light pitting as seen in the photos. One defensive edge nick near the forte and several others on the percussion curve.
The guard shows remains of decorative gold applications. The grip slabs are bone and between these are original decorative brass grip straps. The pommel is iron and slightly offset from centre.
A good old fighting sword from Persia that would grade up further with little effort if required.