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very rare sword

Laraw very rare sword Taiwan www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare native Taiwan sword, Laraw.
This sword is from the Atayal (Tayal/Dayan) ethnic group in the northern Taiwanese mountains. It was used for survival, fighting and headhunting.
In the hand this is a very well balanced and effective fighting sword.
This very rare sword remains in very good condition and retains its original open type scabbard.
Overall in the scabbard it is just under 72cms, out it is just under 63cms.
The entire sword is of a heavy robust forged iron construction with the hilt being of socket form.
The scabbard is old painted timber and the front is fine steel wire. The patina to the timber within the scabbard is very old and pleasing to the eye. There is one stable age crack to the rear that has not reached the edges of the timber.
A very rare sword with a beautiful untouched age patina.