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Society dagger
Very fine quality
Pagan ritual knife
very rare example

Society dagger, Very fine quality, Pagan ritual knife, very rare example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A stunning late 19th century Pagan/Occult dagger. Theosophical society?
This very fine complete example measures 37cms in the sheath, 35cms out with a blade of 22.5cms long.
The fittings are all gilded brass, including the original suspension chain.
The hilt is that of a man holding a small axe being constricted by a large serpent. The 'quillons' are formed by part of the serpents body and its mouth opens to join the throat fitting of the sheath or the blade if drawn.
The sheath fittings show tree branches with foilage and crocidiles.
The double edged blade is etched with long panels of foilage and to each side are two serpents within this foilage.
Overall a very fine, rare and attractive dagger with Pagan or Occult undertones.