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Korean sword
Early near complete example
Very rare

Korean sword early near complete example very rare www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An extemely rare 19th centruy sword from Korea.

This sabre type is one of the rarest sabres of the East Asian regions due to massive losses of Korean cultural hertitage during Japanese occupation.
The sword in the scabbard measures just under 88cms long, out it is just under 82cms long with a blade length of 67cms.
The scabbard is black painted ray skin over timber with iron fittings decorated with silver designs. The throat fitting is not present.
To the upper part of the scabbard there are 8 characters that read, loosely translated; "1911, Arms equipments change and this is for ?? Warehouse to keep", 1911 being the year after the signing of the Japan-Korean Annexation treaty.
The blade is a broad thick upswept type with a sharp back edge and a deep fuller to each side painted red, the paint now worn with age.
The hilt has an iron pommel, collar and guard fittings with the guard being octagonal in shape. All these fittings are dressed in silver designs. The binding is original and worn with several breaks. The binding covers red painted rayskin and secures the 'Menuki' like medallions in place. The grip slabs have movement as does the guard and Japanese style Tonkou.

An extremely rare sword almost never seen in the market place. It is 100% original and untouched. A very important Korean cultural relic.