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Cretan Yataghan
Ottoman Empire
Rare Carnelian finial
A fine & rare Yataghan

Cretan Yataghan, Ottoman Empire rare Carnelian finial www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine Greek knife/ Cretan Yataghan with rare stone finial.
This fine piece measures 66cms long in the sheath, just under 59cms out and carries a blade 46cms long.
The decorative hilt is an unusual construction in that it comprises of long slivers of silver inlay that give the illusion of the horn slabs being four pieces rather than two. The horn slabs are also decorated in many very fine silver dots to the sides and ends that provide a beautiful contrast to the dark shades of the horn.
The grip strap and bolster are decoratively chiseled in floral relief and remain in very good order for its age.
The blade is finely constructed and is hollow forged the length of the blade. The left side is clearly struck with a makers stamp.
The sheath retains decorative silverwork to the throat and the finial with the floral finial supporting a beautiful Carnelian, something very rarely seen.

Overall a very fine, complete and rare Greek Yataghan.