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Short sword and scabbard
Sardegna / Sardinia
Corsica Cutlass

Short sword and scabbard Sardegna Sardinia Corsica Cutlass www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice cutlass/short sword from Sardinia.
Just under 70cms sheathed, this unusual piece measures 69cms out with a blade length just under 56cms.
The hilt is a very fine and well aged horn type showing age worn sunburst and geometic designs to its surfaces.
The blade is a strong and well made cutlass type that carries a broad fuller below the spine from the hilt to tip. The blade shows an all over dark patina and a peppered surface and still retains a very good cutting edge.
The scabbard is a hard stitched leather construction with small losses to the throat and tip regions. It has been expertly made and is decorated to all surfaces with dot work flower designs and a central cartouche that reads "Sardegna Salve!".
A very nice and very interesting item with good age and patina from a region where few weapons are known or seen.