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African axe
Very fine example

African axe Very fine example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A stunning high quality African axe.

One of the best African axes I have seen in a long time.
This axe measures 51cms tall and 28cms long across the steel axe head.
The dense timber shaft is a very rich dark colour with a very nice old warm patina.
The base of the shaft shows a collection of loose bound sections of copper wire, possibly held this way to be used as currency.
The lower 37cms of the shaft is of a hexagonal shape that flares to the base and thickens towards the head. Below the square block head are two protrusions to the back of the axe of unusual form not typically seen on axes but I have noted these sorts of protrusions on carvings from the Ivory Coast. Despite the axe having the 'simple' form of those typically seen on the east coast of Africa, the exotic shape of the haft and type of carvings, I suspect this example can be from the central western coastal nations of Africa.
The block head of the shaft carries 8 brass studs and geometric designs to one side and differing geometric designs to the other side similar to tavatava seen on Fijian war clubs.
The axe blade is of a strong simple design pointing downwards for 15cms and upwards to the rear for 8cms.

A very fine and rare African axe of high standing.